Avoid these wordy phrases

If you find yourself writing any of the following phrases, stop! These wordy expressions muddle your message and, in some cases, don’t add any meaning. Below, I’ve outlined some phrases to avoid, along with more concise alternatives that will help keep readers engaged in your writing.

in terms of

when it comes to

as far as [TK] is concerned

Replace with: regarding (or recast the sentence)

at the present time

as of this writing

at the time of publication

at the current time

Replace with: now, currently

has the ability to

is able to

is capable of

has the capability to

Replace with: can

in the near future

not too long from now

Replace with: soon (or, better yet, be more specific about when)

the fact that

Replace with: Delete these words and/or recast the sentence

despite the fact that

Replace with: although, even though

the reason why is that

Replace with: because

be aware of the fact that

Replace with: note, understand

The fact that it doesn’t have

Replace with: its lack of, its omission of (or recast the sentence)

in light of the fact that

Replace with: considering

less than great

less than spectacular

not very good

Replace with: subpar, mediocre, OK

comes with it right out of the box

comes equipped with

Replace with: includes, comes with, is preinstalled, is preloaded

it’s important to note that

Replace with: Notably

in the direction of

Replace with: toward


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