6 tips for editing mobile content

As more traffic comes from mobile devices, it's helpful to consider how editing choices affect reader engagement. As you know, people don't read the same way on mobile phones as they do on a desktop computer (or the same way they read a print magazine or newspaper, for that matter). Think about how you consume … Continue reading 6 tips for editing mobile content


Lead off right

We have only a few seconds to capture and retain readers' attention. That's why it's so important for the lede or intro to be clear and compelling: We want people to keep reading, engage with our content and, in many cases, go on to buy a product. There are several ways to engage readers in … Continue reading Lead off right

Avoid redundancy

In past tips, I've highlighted the importance of avoiding wordiness. Clear, concise writing conveys your message quickly and directly, and helps us keep readers' attention. One way to do this is to avoid redundancy. We can eliminate adjectives and prepositions that some words' meanings already include. For example, the phrase "tall skyscraper" is redundant because … Continue reading Avoid redundancy