Lead off right

We have only a few seconds to capture and retain readers' attention. That's why it's so important for the lede or intro to be clear and compelling: We want people to keep reading, engage with our content and, in many cases, go on to buy a product. There are several ways to engage readers in … Continue reading Lead off right


What is ‘post-hoc’? Strengthen your writing by avoiding this fallacy

I've mentioned the importance of avoiding fallacies, which are errors in logic that weaken an argument. By eliminating them, we strengthen our statements and gain readers' trust. In a previous tip, I covered one type of fallacy, called hasty generalization. Today, I'll highlight another: post-hoc. A post-hoc argument assumes a direct cause-and-effect relationship between two … Continue reading What is ‘post-hoc’? Strengthen your writing by avoiding this fallacy

How to write an engaging headline

A headline can make or break a story. Nowadays, it's not enough to get readers to click on an article or a review. We want them to read it, share it and, in many cases, go on to purchase a product. The elements of an effective headline have changed dramatically over the past few years, … Continue reading How to write an engaging headline


The singular “they” and guidance on gender

Rivaling the Oxford comma, the so-called singular they is one of the most debated grammar topics. What do I mean by "the singular they"? I'm referring to the use of they as a gender-neutral pronoun to mean he or she (and the use of them in place of him or her, and their instead of … Continue reading The singular “they” and guidance on gender


Forbidden fallacies: Hasty generalization

At some point, a teacher or professor probably told you to avoid fallacies in your writing. What are fallacies? Put simply, fallacies are arguments or conclusions based on faulty logic. Avoiding them will strengthen your writing and help gain readers' trust. There are many fallacies, but today I'll highlight one: hasty generalization. What is hasty … Continue reading Forbidden fallacies: Hasty generalization


A few words about numbers

Do… … make numbers easy for readers to digest. Usually, this means rounding off very large numbers if there's not a good reason for them to be exact. NO: On average, Earth is 92,955,807 miles (149,597,870 kilometers) from the sun. YES: On average, Earth is about 93 million miles (150 million kilometers) from the sun. … Continue reading A few words about numbers


Don’t freeze up over winter weather

Here are some winter-weather-related tips to keep in mind this season. Here are the National Weather Service's official definitions of these terms, so please try to adhere to them (e.g., don't use "blizzard" when you really mean "heavy snow"). blizzard  Wind speeds of 35 mph or more and considerable falling and/or blowing of snow with … Continue reading Don’t freeze up over winter weather